Mobile App Consulting

My mission is to deliver affordable consulting services that help develop specifications for quality mobile solutions and provide app developer screening, while maintaining the integrity of the customer’s intellectual property.

I can help you get your app developed quickly, efficiently, and on-budget by:Smartphone

  • Delivering out-of-the-box mobile application development solutions.
  • Identifying the right developer for your project.
  • Developing written specifications suitable for Request for Proposal (RFP) bids.
  • Creating screen shot mock-ups, and consulting on User Experience (UX) best practices design.
  • Securing domains, web hosting, server hosting, and other ad hoc services.
  • Escrowing source code and providing library access services.
  • Providing contract/project management services.
  • Integrating intellectual property strategy (IP) with your software development road map.
  • Start-up business planning.
  • Referring to “best-in-class” tech professionals for niche solutions.
  • Developing prototype/Proof of Concept (POC) apps.

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